Low Temperature Fabric Dye

Tintex Low Temperature Dye is recommended as a colourant for cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, hemp and their blends. Low Temperature Dyes are the best dyes to use for "Tie Dyeing" and safest for use if dyeing with children or when the fabric cannot withstand high temperatures.  Our Low Temperature Dye will colour wood, paper and flowers, as well as buttons, zips and plastics of the correct fabrication. Tintex Low Temperature Dye is a water soluble dyestuff that requires a Setting Agent (Soda Ash) to obtain cohesion to fabric. All of our standard colours are interblendable with each other creating an infinite palate. This product is packaged in a convenient 25g pack (10g dye & 15g Soda Ash)  It is also available in bulk sizes of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg - these larger sizes do not include the required Setting Agent.  Larger amounts are available to order by contacting our office.

Full Emersion Dyebath method:  Our 25g pack will dye up to 250g of dry weight fabric and includes the necessary Setting Agent for this method.

Our 100g pack with dye up to 2.5kg of dry weight fabric with the addition of approx. 250g of Soda Ash will be required.

Tie Dyeing: 3 Colours x 10g of dye per 200ml of luke warm water.  This will be enough to tie dye approximately 5 medium size t-shirts. 1 cup of Setting Agent (Soda Ash) per 5 litres of water is required for the pre-soaking of the fabric.  This is a necessary and important step when Tie Dyeing.

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For additional instructions and examples for all sort of dyeing please visit Paula Burch’s internationally acclaimed website www.pburch.net

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