Fabric Spray Paint 50x50mls Set


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Tintex Fabric Spray Paint pack includes 50 x 50ml Fabric Spray Paints in a range of colours, as well as a display stand and is inclusive of shipping.

Suitable for achieving tie-dye effects, airbrush backgrounds, stenciling, hand painting, hand/feet prints or stamping areas of colour on t-shirts, clothing, aprons, bags, bedding, or any other fabric. Simply spray onto clean dry fabric, dry in the sun and then use clothes dryer on hot for 10 minutes, or a warm iron to set Tintex Fabric Spray.


Colours Included:

2 x Primrose
2 x Orange
2 x Rose Pink
2 x Light Blue
2 x Brilliant Blue
2 x Violet
2 x Standard Green
2 x Standard Red
4 x Black
2 x Process Cyan
2 x Process Magenta
2 x Process Yellow
3 x Fluoro Yellow
3 x Fluoro Orange
3 x Fluoro Red
3 x Fluoro Magenta
3 x Fluoro Green
3 x Fluoro Blue
3 x Fluoro Violet
3 x Fluoro Pink